DS Foot Pad $6. If you can't reach the foot rest bar on the hull to use your legs properly during the stroke, this foot pad will help solve the problem. 8" x 5" x 2". You can shape it to fit. Premium HDPE foam. The closed-cell structure will not absorb water.


Ride the dragon in total comfort during long practices on a Dragon Saddle model S at $42.00 USD including two inserts for cushioning adjustment. On a tight budget? Try Dragon Saddle model G at only $22.

If you are obsessed about sprint speed, improving technique, going beyond your potential at races, the ability to really move farther  faster, and use more powerful leg drive, consider upgrading to the new SUPER SADDLE GG . It has a pair of secure  Bench Claws  and two different  surfaces on top for an ultra anchoring grip, on one side and a super Teflon glide on the other side of the top.  A second model, Super Saddle AG, has an all-grip top.  The closed-cell neoprene in the Super Saddle is 15mm IDBF legal with no inserts. See the photos below.  See "ORDERING" for prices.

Since 2010 the Dragon Saddle has been the top selling dragon boat paddling sport product because of the adjustable soft cushioning for short sprints or long practices, elegant in simplicity and used by the winning dragon boat racing teams. 

My name is Doug Bedgood and I own Dragon Saddle LLC. The company is located in Florida, USA with production in Orlando and Eustis. Shipping is worldwide from Grand Island, Florida.

There are 23 color and print choices for the Dragon Saddle. The Super Saddle is only in black with white Teflon. Questions or to place an order? Contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com about shipping quotes or any discounts for your team.

Bottom view of the SS-GG with the "PROPERTY OF" stealth embroidered name plate on the bottom with your name and team name included. 10 names minimum.

​SS-GG end view

DS Hip Pad $12. Pain on the outside of your hip against the gunnel wall is usually from pressure on the TFL trigger point. See illustration. It then radiates down the ITB. This hip pad is 100% Chloroprene 6" x 6" x 3/4" thick with a textured grip surface on both sides and a name plate. Place it between your hip and the gunnel or inside your shorts against your hip.

The Dragon Saddle-S has two removable inserts  included between the base and the top. All parts are 100% pure closed-cell neoprene.

Are you ready to get unstuck from the bench with a sprint-specific seat cushion? Are you ready to do more? It is not easy to change from the absolute comfort zone you are in with the Dragon Saddle. They are so tough, many are still in use non-stop since 2010. The Super Saddle is more fragile. It has a specific purpose The Teflon will quickly conform to both your anatomy and  usage dynamics. Reading a paddler's assprint on the Teflon tells a story about effort, increased rotational reach, body weight, range of motion, axial alignment with the hull and other interesting interpretations of the contours and lines that develop. They become very personal so don't think about loaning out your investment. These handmade Super Saddles are monogamous, expensive and worth it.           

The new Super Saddles have two dependable models to choose from: either the all-grip  model AG, or  the glide and grip model GG that has a top for 2018 with 3/8 of it being an anchoring grip and 5/8 being a super glide made of 15 mil virgin Teflon. Both models are made for sprint racing and have 1.25" wide bench claws that clip it securely on to the bench plus a rubber layer to protect the boat bench. If you are new to this sport or just desire the comfort zone, purchase a Dragon Saddle model S instead. After a year or two you will be ready for the Super Saddle-GG.You can always be better than perfect.

The closed-cell neoprene core is 15mm IDBF legal with no thickness adjustment or inserts like the standard Dragon Saddle. At 15" for 2018, the length is 3" longer than the Dragon Saddle.The grip material wraps 360 degrees around the entire core to keep the cushion from side movement.

The  Bench Claw platforms for 2018 are made of 1.25" wide  transparent, tough PETG polymer at both ends to snap the cushion in place on the bench. The width was increased for 2018. To remove the Super Saddle, easily unclip the front or back of both bench claws with light pressure and it is off the bench in a second.

There is a stretchable handle used for either hand-held carrying or placing over your paddle shaft hands-free. The elastic handle slides over the paddle shaft as the lower bench claws clip on to the paddle blade so the Super Saddle isn't just bouncing around as it is carried on the paddle as shown in the photo.

Keep the Super Saddles out of the sun when not in use to prevent  deterioration from solar radiation..



When placing a Super Saddle on the boat bench, be sure that the bench claw clips completely surround the edges of the bench and push it all the way to the gunnel wall if possible. The clip on the gunnel side is set in so that it won't rest on the bench ledger and cause breakage. Please, no big rush when you remove the Super Saddle from the bench. No pulling on the neoprene and no throwing it around in the team tent either. Protect your investment for a longer product life.

Patents Pending

OC6 Outrigger Saddle, 12"x16"x22mm neoprene, full grip texture both sides, carrying loop, rounded front.

DS Foot Pad and DS Hip Pad are at the bottom of this page.

See all prices at the ORDERING page.

The Super Saddle-GG provides a base

that encourages improved pelvic movement.

The economical Cushion Model G, for recreational novices, has a grip surface all the way around. 

The Dragon Saddle​ 

The advanced design of the Super Saddle includes a hidden design feature. It is the way that the Teflon stays in place and does not slip out. Teflon is known for not being able to bond to most materials. Doug, a paddler for many years in Hawaii and the US mainland, LMT, forest firefighter in Alaska, retired carpenter with a Bachelor degree in Health Science, designed all products on this website and developed a locking method to key the Teflon into the neoprene.

If you prefer less dynamic body mechanics and more of a secure seat grip throughout your paddling stroke, model AG is the same as model GG without the Teflon.

However, if you like the idea of getting unhinged or unstuck from the bench, to the front you go on the Teflon, able to drive effective power in to the catch. Here is how it works:

YOU CAN DO MORE. Begin by knowing that you are free to move in any direction in an instant, increasing full stroke length while adapting your body to a steady paddle angle. The grip side is an anchor to return to when needed. The legs really get involved.  Discover these things. Feel the rythm and natural timing of the body mechanics. Find the perfection that is offered and do more. 

If you purchase a model GG, practice with it for a week or two before using it in a race so you have time to discover how to take advantage of what you can really do with this new found freedom. 

SS-GG top view

Scroll down  to see the IDBF Regulations regarding seat cushions for 2016. 

Permitting the use of the Super Saddle could require copying these latest IDBF Regulations to show race management.

PRODUCT  INFORMATION for the dragon saddle and the super saddle


SS-GG side view

Why is the SS-GG so expensive at USD $57 or $65  with the nameplate?

The black product patch is embroidered. The neoprene, elastic,PETG and costly Teflon are cut. The transparent PETG is heat formed, bonded at the end clips, and finally shaped by hand with a grinder and file. The Teflon is folded at the edges. Parts are bonded and laminated with a rubberized elastomer to set overnight in three phases of assembly. It takes enginuity and a lifetime of paddling experience to have created this very special dragon boat racing product. Initiating the patenting process is expensive. And your name or team name are custom embroidered on to the name plate that is permanently installed on the bottom side.

Super Saddles are entirely hand made

at Grand Island, Florida, exclusively by

Doug Bedgood, owner of Dragon Saddle LLC.

The X-Ray of the hips and pelvis on the right shows the relationship between the points of compression and the Super Saddle. The points of compression are the two Ischial Tuberosities that are at the lower border of the Ischium. The distance between those points on the average adult female is 5"m (11.8 cm) and adult male is 3 1/2" (8.5 cm).

The distance between the Bench Claw  platforms on the bottom of the Super Saddle is 12.25" (31.1 cm). The Bench Claw base platforms are 7/16"  in thickness and well outside the points of compression from body weight. The overall length of the Super Saddle is 13.25" (33.7 cm) and the neoprene thickness is 15mm.

Super Saddle


       Super Saddle-GG is like magic in a race.

Super Saddle model GG parts.

Carrying the SS on your paddle.

Removing one of the Dragon Saddle-S inserts could be required if seat pads are officially inspected by formal race management in some high level IDBF events; most paddlers keep it full thickness at practice because the removable inserts adjust the comfort. 

Dragon Saddle-C hybrid, ah yes, Dragon Saddles with the clips or are they Super Saddle CLAWS.   Extreme comfort and durablility expected in a DS-S with the addition of the convenient Super Saddle stretchable looped handle.  The bench claws  absolutely keep it in place so you can concentrate on paddling. With the cushy chloroprene isomer, you can float if you want to.  Also, we can convert your old Dragon Saddle to a hybrid. Ship to us us to make the conversion for $15 plus return postage. 

Embroidered nation, state, and province flags are available including the United Nations emblem for decorating your seat cushions.

The Dragon Saddle has much more than minimal padding. This is the ultimate cushion for comfort with an adjustable thickness. The Dragon Saddle meets IDBF racing specs by sliding out one of the two neoprene inserts. Some paddlers remove both inserts for the sprint races. Using both inserts will adjust the cushion upward for the demands of the most challenging, long practices and 2K races. 

  • Multiple layers of the highest quality wet suit neoprene; * 100% chloroprene inserts, base, and most tops;
  • Slip resistant base. Not absolutely slip proof.  See the hybrid or Super Saddle to guarantee your butt pad stays put.
  • Many colors and patterns, 23 in all. See list; Many more coming the summer of 2016.
  • Conforms to IDBF Rules of Racing when one of the two inserts is removed.
  • The removable core inserts adjust the comfort and thickness;
  • Preferred by the top racing teams in Canada, USA, Australia, and many more; 
  • An essential accessory after the first use;
  • Perfect cushioning for long, challenging practices; This is where races are ultimately won. Practice hard.
  • Manufactured in Florida, USA, by Dragon Saddle LLC;
  • A great way to sit in comfort at stadium events;
  • Has an interesting origin. See History.
  • The recommended UV protection color saving product for all your outdoor gear is in the CARE section. This will maintain a bright color for many years of outdoor exposure. If you don't use UV protection, some Dragon Saddle colors will begin to fade in the sun but the product will always maintain it's performanc 

CR 13.4 ​

Dragon Boat Seat Pads (cushions) as described in Reg.13.1 shall ne made of a soft material such as neoprene, of an approximate thickness of 15mm t, nothat will compress easily when squeezed between finger and thumb. The width of the seat pad may vary in size and shape but shall approximate to th width of the paddling seat in the IDBF Standard International Racing Boat and should ideally, not exceed 20cm in width and 40cm in length. (Aug 11)

The complete document can be viewed at: https://media.wix.com/ugd/81bcd4_f8552ae9b93f445685e3ca4e9053f612.pdf


The Super Saddle Dragon