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Race Day Sprint Saddles, All-Purpose Saddles

and more​ 

...and who could this be, up the creek without a paddle? Then 32 years later he was among the founders of Keouhou Canoe Club in 1980 racing long distance outrigger canoes in Hawaii. Doug in 1948 standing on the deck of a wooden row boat with his aunt.


a busy seamstress in 2011, Key West

A pyramid drill? Winners of the first dragon boat race in Puerto Rico. Doug left middle row.

other creative uses for the perfect gift

       Bespoke Stitchery in Orlando making DragonSaddles 

Yes, gold cups are a good thing.

Is there a race today?

OK, not everyone in the boat needed a

DragonSaddle at practice today, not even Kristin in Miami.  

Of course children will play before their final "A" division championship or do Becky and Christianne act like this to relieve competitive race day stress. This was at Downtown Disney when the Orlando Int'l Dragon Boat Festival was held on the lake side of Cirque du Soleil.

Dragon boat racing is the ultimate team sport.

Sit on it once, yours forever!

Ya wanna be a drummer like Grace?


​The 2019 Super Saddles with Teflon on the gunnel side.

Taking the back country route to the

starting line and getting lost on the way. 

Hey, who's in my chair?

DragonSaddles hanging out in the team tent

Really? How many trophies can a team win in one day?

This Chinese sport is thousands of years old.

This was the roaring backdrop to the opening ceremony of the 2015 IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships where Doug raced for the US team in the Niagara Region of Ontario.


Paddles up!

Beginners are always welcome.

The evolution of the SS-L, Super Saddle-Light:

It was August 4, 2019, days away from the world dragon boat chjampionships in Thailand. The coaches and paddlers had not yet departed. Word came from Liz Bradley, Senior C coach, that a paddler in the European Club Crew Championships just two weeks earlier had their Super Saddle-GG rejected for being too thick by 2mm with the oval grip patch on top next to the Teflon. That model had been in use since 2016. Doug passed the word to the Team USA manager, Alida Tinch, that he needed to quantify the number of paddlers in all divisions that use his Super Saddle-GG, that he was offering a new model only 12mm thick and with Velcro fasteners instead of the polymer clips. Those clips had been informally questionable at past international  IDBF events. Premier coach Bob MacNamara immediatly got on the case with a blanket email to every division coach and the paddlers to help with the count. Over 60 were identified. Between Bob, Windy City, Liz and others,  60+ of the new design Super Saddle-Light, SS-L, were shipped on August 9. It took only five days to re-design, manufacture and ship.