DragonSaddles: $45 USD plus shipping;  Team discounts are available.

To order or if you have questions, contact Doug directly at dragonsaddle@gmail.com with your shipping address, color selection and quantity for the discount determination. See the list of distributors below. View the color choices,and the product care section. Bench fastening systems are found in Product Information. Enjoy the sport and the fun photos in the gallery.

Distributor inquiries and fundraising programs are invited. There are no exclusive marketing territories.

Bulk shipping is via FedEx Ground in Canada and the Continental US. The USPS is used for individual orders and to other countries.

ships from

Australia ,   Pacific Islands,  East and Southeast asia

Australia, Philippines,  Pacific Island Nations,Southeast Asia: John Parker, john@jpx2.com.au

Tokyo, Japan, Eri Hosaka,

​Middle East

Dubai, Monica Sengstacken,


To inquire about becoming a Dragon Saddle Dealer at Dragon Boat Festivals and Championships, through online stores or brick & mortar shops, please email Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com.

Europe, Russia, China, Africa

Dragon Saddle LLC, dragonsaddle@gmail.com


Calgary, Alberta; Kluk Enterprises, Karen Luk, kluk.enterprises@gmail.com

Laval, Quebec, PADDLE ZONE,
info.paddlezone@gmail.com, admin@padlzone.com


WesternCanoeing&Kayaking.com; westerncanoe@telus.net

Vancouver, British Columbia, Kamini Jain, RIGHT ANGLE PERFORMANCE,
kamini@rightangleperformance.com  or contact FCRCC below

Vancouver, British Columbia, FCRCC Premier, a fundraiser, Rae Ella Pratt, raepratt@telus.net  604-866-3765

Nanaimo, British Columbia, VALHALLA PURE OUTFITTERS,

Nanaimo, British Columbia, NANAIMO PADDLING CENTER,

Montreal, Quebec, Mission Dragon Boat,  H2OPLAYGROUND, club@h2oplayground.com or contact Christian Moreau at info@missiondragonboat.com, 



super saddle

Race Day Sprint Saddles

and more​ 

Ships from retail outlets listed below and factory direct located in Florida,Dragon Saddle LLC, Grand Island, Florida, USA, dragonsaddle@gmail.com manufacturing, wholesale distribution, volume team orders, retail sales online. See the distributor list below.​  Order Super Saddles directly from dragonsaddle@gmail.com and Dragon Saddles through the distributors or direct from Dragon Saddle LLC.

You can  purchase from the authorized Retailers listed below that carry Dragon Saddle inventory. Please go to their websites, contact by email, visit their stores or see their vendor booths at dragon boat festivals.

Please contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com regarding a shipping quote from the factory, the transaction details, available inventory, turnaround time, discounts, clearance items or questions.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ordering and prices

To order, email Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com. Tell Doug what you want, the color, the fastening system, your address for a shipping quote and total cost for the transaction if you decide to purchase. Also you can see the retailer list, stores and distributors below that sell Dragon Saddle products.

Prices are in USD. DragonSaddles have a quantity discount schedule for teams. Email the quantity for a discounted price. Super Saddles are available direct. Inquire about discounts for  ten or more.  Order Super Saddles directly from dragonsaddle@gmail.com. Doug is in central Florida. Products will be replaced if defective when received  before usage.

DragonSaddles can eventually wear out on the bottom but it takes years. Order a new one or a pair of bench fasteners when that time approaches. You might bond one of the inserts that have grip to the bottom as a way to renew non-slip properties at no cost. They are extremely comfortable. The  2019 Super Saddles are also quite durable if cared for properly. See "care instructions".  

See the seat cushion photos/descriptions at "Product Information"

Customize your saddle by type, color and bench fastening system. Color choices are at the top navigation bar.

Prices are in $ USD

​Shipping in the usa is only $4 each for an order of 4 of the SS-L2, SS-L, SS-AG, DS-S, DS-W, DS-C or any combination.

DS-S Dragon Saddle  $46, The classic and original Dragon Saddle with two removable neoprene inserts for comfort adjustment.

SS-L3 Sprint Saddle  $55, very light,  complete with fastener #3 and imaging choices from the Home Page or your digital team file.

30% discount for team orders 10+.

SS-4 Sprint Saddle  $70 complete with ultra convenient fastener #1 proprietary Polymer Clips with embedded subsurface bridges, all graphic options, three layers of luxury neoprene, full maximum IDBF legal.30% discount for team orders 10+.

SS-5 Sprint Saddle $45  For heavy paddlers. Not the most comfortable saddle. Longer. Has a very aggressive and solid grip portion that will really lock down your inertia at the right time.

SS-GG Super Saddle  $60 plus the bench fastening system selected  below. Polymer clips are $16. This saddle is large for practice and longer sessions.

DS-AG all grip plus choice of optional bench fastener $38.

SS-L discontinued

SS-L2  discontinued

DS-C  $46 plus cost of selected bench fastener.

DS-W  $42

​DS Hip Pad $12

​DS Foot Pad $8

Add bench fasteners to your old DragonSaddle, cost of fasteners plus return postage, shipping your old one to us.

Bench fastening systems: Be sure your practice boat will accomodate your bench fastening choice.


1. polymer clips  2 for $16 neoprene lined to protect the bench.

2. 2" wide hook and loop cinch 2 for $12

3. QR quick release buckle and webbing 2 for $10

     select webbing color: red, black, silver grey, purple, navy blue,

     lime green, yellow, khaki beige, white, royal blue, orange,  

4. hook & loop double sided overlap 2 for $8

5.  1" wide hook and loop cinch 2 for $6

​To order, contact Doug by email : dragonsaddle@gmail.com 

Use Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, or Check when payment is requested.

"More Paddling, Training and Coaching Products" with photos:

Rubber oar block replacement for steering arm, send distance between holes center to center for custom drilling $6

Books by Douglas Bedgood

 "Nalu, The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy" $59.00, a large glossy book with color photos, full of research and  imbedded biographical stories. 

"The Hydrospheric Path" $8.00, a small condensation of Nalu.

Aquatoner pair $160 , almost sold out.

MD4 back massager for paddlers $12, a great little tool that really works.

Cerivac Dragon Boat Oar Bracket $165

Dragon boat  transom for BUK boats $210,  used for steering clinics or transporting a dragon boat alone on a waterway.

OC6 Outrigger Saddle 12"x16"x22mm neoprene with a

carrying loop, full texture both sides, rounded front edge. $47


San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tech-Innova Dragon Boat Inc. info@tech-innovapr.com

Jacksonville, FL, All Wet Sports, Andy Fraden, allwetsports.net

Biddleford, Maine, Earth and Blue Vince@Earthandblue.com

USA , Amazon.com

Amazon.com  (only Navy Hibiscus, Red and Black Dragon Saddles) 

Los Angeles, California, Wila Chun,

Fairfield, New Jersey, Metro Event,

Washington DC,  Carlo Veloso,

Florida, Synergy Outdoor Adventure Resources,