​with polymer clip

bench fasteners



The Super Saddle-Light is really light, slim, easy, nothing fancy, top has grip and Teflon, compliant for international racing competition, created for the 2019 World Championships. Economical discount for 10+. 

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Or ​quick release buckles with a selection of 8  webbing colors.

The new SS-L2 is the improved model SS-L that was popular in the 2019 World Championships in Thailand.


with quick release bench fasteners


​The Original DragonSaddle

Dragon Saddle LLC,

10th anniversary 2010-2020

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Navigate at the top of the page.  "Product Information" shows DragonSaddles, Super Saddles and more.                              All products are created by Douglas Bedgood  between 1982 and 2020. Patents and patents pending. DRAGONSADDLE is a trademark owned by Dragon Saddle LLC

The New SS-L2



If you are contacting us from Australia, New Zealand or Southeast Asia,

purchase your Dragon Saddles from our authorized dealer JPX2, www.jpx2.com.au.

Dragon Saddle LLC, since 2010, has a product line of high performance dragon boat racing seat cushions, training and coaching products.

Team discounts and occasional clearance pricing are available.  To order the DragonSaddle or any product on this site,  contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com with your  proposed order, quantity for discount consideration, questions,  and your shipping address for a shipping quote. The ordering page has a list of worldwide distributors as well. Doug invented all of the DragonSaddle products and makes them himself.


​8 types of saddles, 23 choices of saddle colors and patterns, 5 types of bench fasteners and ​8 webbing colors. 

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Double Sided Velcro, a strong fastener that is light, with fast attachment and detachment.

* A better shot at gold if your racing crew also uses the same SS-L2.

​​*Super Saddle Teflon on the gunnel side for a long, rapid scoot up front

*Simultaneous lift and pivot on the inside following the curved path of the saddle design inside texture,   opposing the direction of the gunnel side.

*Enhancement of the initiation of the return velocity.

*Outside hip semi-airborn at the position of optimal reach, exploding with double leg drive using the largest          muscle mass in the body.

* Using this ability to maintain maximum leverage against the water.

* Reversible saddle with a choice of glide Teflon plus ergonomic grip for sprints or a more cushy all-grip top for    heavier paddlers in 2K or longer races. 1K is still considered a sprint among the most competitive teams.

* Ergonomic inside grip allows quick hip lift off when needed, a solid pivot point when using the grip, a sit bone    depression between the grips, a gluteal fit for comfort.

* The Super Saddles SS-L2 is made for paddlers to experience their ultimate racing  ability, not specifically to       be comfortable like using your original Dragon Saddle DS-S.

* Custom team or personal color combinations.

* Double sided Velcro for a fast, tight cinch at launch and an effortless release off the bench when finished. 

The New SS-L2

The DragonSaddle

 the super saddle and more​ 

Custom  embroidered national team DragonSaddles were prominently displayed and marketed at the 2015 IDBF World Championships in Welland, Ontario.



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