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MD4 back massager $12.00
           Nalu: The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness...." $59.00    
           Aquatoner pool exercise equipment $160.00
           DS2 slip proof Dragon Saddle kit $8.44
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$40 USD plus shipping
Team discounts are available.

To order or if you have questions, contact Doug directly at dragonsaddle@gmail.com with your shipping address, color selection and quantity for the discount determination. See the color choices, the list of distributors and the care section. Enjoy the sport and fun photos too.
The OTHER PRODUCTS section will be helpful to all paddlers.

Distributor inquiries and fundraising programs are invited. There are no exclusive marketing territories.

Shipping is via FedEx Ground in Canada and the Continental US. The postal service is used for other geographic areas.

Ships from:
Dragon Saddle LLC, Grand Island, Florida, USA, dragonsaddle@gmail.com
manufacturing, wholesale distribution, volume team orders, retail sales online

You can also purchase from the following authorized Retailers carrying Dragon Saddle inventory. Please go to their websites, contact by email, visit their stores or see their vendor booths at dragon boat festivals.

Belleville, Ontario, Stan Walton, WALTON SPORTS, WaltonSports.net, waltonsportsinc@gmail.com
Verdun, Quebec, PADDLE ZONE, info.paddlezone@gmail.com
Nova Scotia,THE PADDLE HUT, info@thepaddlehut.ca
Abbotsford, British Columbia; WESTERN CANOEING AND KAYAKING; WesternCanoeing&Kayaking.com; westerncanoe@telus.net
Vancouver, British Columbia, Kamini Jain, RIGHT ANGLE PERFORMANCE, kamini@rightangleperformance.com
Vancouver, British Columbia, FCRCC Premier/Felicity Lam, a fundraiser, felicitylam@gmail.com
Nanaimo, British Columbia, VALHALLA PURE OUTFITTERS, nanaimo@vpo.ca
Nanaimo, British Columbia, NANAIMO PADDLING CENTER, nanaimopaddlingcenter@shaw.ca                 Montreal, Quebec, H2OPLAYGROUND, club@h2oplayground.com
Vancouver, Washington, Double Fifth.com, info@doublefifth.com 
Los Angeles, California, Wila Chun, wilachun@yahoo.com
Fairfield, New Jersey, Metro Event, saddle@metroevent.com
Washington DC,  Carlo Veloso, carlo@dcdragonboat.org
Florida, dragonsaddle@gmail.com
South Florida, Synergy Outdoor Adventure Resources, WillMurphy@soarteam.com
Pan American Dragon Boat Association, info@panamdragonboat.com

NSW, John Parker, john@jpx2.com.au
Tokyo, Japan, Eri Hosaka, dragonsaddle.jp@gmail.com
Dubai, Monica Sengstacken, mostackusa@gmail.com



Ride the dragon on a Dragon Saddle and paddle the boat to 
Since 2010 the Dragon Saddle has been the top selling dragon boat paddling sport product because it is profound in performance with adjustable cushioning for short sprints or long practices, elegant in simplicity and used by the winning dragon boat racing teams.

My name is Doug Bedgood and I own Dragon Saddle LLC. The company is located in Florida, USA with production in Orlando. Shipping is worldwide from Grand Island, Florida.

There are many color and print choices. Custom embroidery is available. 
Two removable inserts are included between the base and the top.
All parts are 100% pure closed-cell neoprene.

The Dragon Saddle has much more than minimal padding. This is the ultimate cushion with an adjustable thickness. The Dragon Saddle meets IDBF racing specs by sliding out one of the two neoprene inserts. Some paddlers remove both inserts for the sprint races. Using both inserts will adjust the cushion upward for the demands of the most challenging, long practices and 2K races. 

* Multiple layers of the highest quality wet suit neoprene;
* 100% chloroprene inserts, base, and most tops;
* Slip resistant base; See "OTHER PRODUCTS" for the DS2 Slip-Proof kit, strapless.
* Many colors and patterns, See list;
* Conforms to IDBF Rules of Racing;
* Removable core inserts to adjust comfort and thickness;
* Preferred by the top racing teams in Canada, USA, Australia, Norway, Puerto Rico and more; 
* An essential accessory after the first use;
* Perfect cushioning for long, challenging practices; This is where races are ultimately won.
* Manufactured in Florida, USA, by Dragon Saddle LLC;
* A great way to sit in comfort at stadium events;
* Has an interesting origin. See History in the Sport Photos section.
* UV protection color fading products in the CARE section.

Removing one of the inserts could be required if seat pads are officially inspected 
by formal race management in some high level IDBF events; most paddlers keep it full thickness at practice because t
he removable inserts adjust the comfort.


The Dragon Saddle is easy to carry, but keep it loose, not tight over the blade.
That's Doug still racing premier when he was 70 with a broken foot.
How old is he now? I knew you would ask.

Protect all your water sports gear from UV sun fading. 
Keep it clean, protected and bright. Fold the sides in during storage. 

Occasionally you will need to remove the inserts to clean and air dry to prevent mildew.
You can use cleaners such as mild soap and water, Resolve, Oxy carpet and upholstery spray cleaner or UV Tech that is specially formulated for watersports gear.

The neoprene is non-absorbing. Years of direct sunlight exposure will cause some fabric color fading. 
So please store it out of the sun as much as possible. Avoid dirty boat seats, sand, accumulation of ocean salt, abrasive conditions, damage.
 No washing machines or dryers please, or any unusual folding that will cause unwanted creases.
Store with side flaps neatly folded under and keep the entire cushion in a flat position during storage. 
It should last a lifetime unless you get tired of the color and want to eventually order a new Dragon Saddle in a different color
or print.

To prevent fading from the sun and protect watersports gear from UV rays, look for UV Tech spray by McNett Essentials on Amazon.com or other websites. It is the best protection. Protect your investment in fitness and sports equipment.


Recognize these two world traveling paddlers?


For a relatively new product, this little seat cushion has a rapidly growing history.

During February 2010, Captain Kristin Stickels (pictured here with Marc Applewhite, both on Team USA 
and coaches for Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team in Miami, Florida), desperately needed a butt pad to be happy. 
Nothing was working, nothing. After listening to months of complaints from Kristin talking to herself on the 
boat during practice about her continued discomfort, Doug tried to solve the problem once and for all by 
casually hand-sewing a crude idea out of scrap, red, closed cell, wet-suit neoprene he had from Aquatoner 
manufacturing. Without thinking much about it he handed the thick, soft cushion that fit on the dragon boat 
seat to Kristin. He told her that she could take out one or two of the neoprene inserts to change the degree 
of cushioning. It worked right away. Ah, Kristin was very happy. 

Doug then made 20 more of what he called "dragon saddles" at a canvas sewing shop in the Florida Keys 
using heavy, marine upholstery thread and donated them to the team he practiced and raced with, Puff in Miami.  
Then everyone in the boat was happy. Kristin wanted Doug to name it "Happy Ass".  Um, so he kept the name 
"Dragon Saddle", reminiscent of his childhood with horses. Paddlers ride the dragon and sit on saddles, right? 

Now in 2015, Kristin is the dragon boating guru at

Later in 2010 Doug traveled to Philadelphia, pictured below, to practice a few weeks with Bob Macnamara's team 
(Team USA coach), showing the product to the Philly paddlers that he met. At some of the races that year he met Kevin Kwok 
from Toronto who liked the Dragon Saddle a lot and ordered some for his friends in Canada. Doug always brought 
a handfull of these super seat cushions to the local races in Florida for exposure to the other teams. Soon he met 
Kamini Jain, premier coach of Team Canada who placed the first orders for distribution in British Columbia; 
Ellen Law - steer of Team USA with orders for the US east coast; Wila Chun who coaches teams in Los Angeles;distributors in Australia; 
The trademarked product name was getting around. Pascal Lachapelle in Montreal became an early promoter of the 
Dragon Saddle in eastern Canada. Jeff Campbell of Double Fifth Dragon Boating, the largest distributor of dragon 
boat products in the US and Stan Walton of Walton Sports, official merchandise supplier to Dragon Boat Canada, 
joined in the initial marketing.  All of these people propelled the Dragon Saddle to it's exponential popularity in this 
rapidly growing international sport involving many experienced paddlers and a phenomenal growth of new paddlers
in many countries, people of all ages and all abilities. 
Adaptive dragon boat and canoe seats developed in Hawaii, Miami, China and elsewhere have allowed even severely 
disabled participants to enjoy the pleasure of paddling.

The Dragon Saddles are now made in Orlando and Grand Island, Florida.   

Here is Doug, the inventor, holding one of his first Dragon Saddles that he brought from Key West to Philadelphia in 2010.
More of his inventions and accomplishments include but are not limited to:
the Aquatoner physical therapy and power endurance equipment;
the MD4 manual back massager for paddlers;
tidal turbines for electrical generation in ocean currents and rivers;
US Army Corps of Engineers and NOAA permits for tidal turbine deployment;
text book: Nalu, The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy 2002;
ISBN 0-9729963-0-3
a condensed book: The Hydrospheric Path, 2004;
founded Aquatic Endurance International, certifying aquatic therapists and trainers;
founded Kona Paddles, Kailua Kona, Hawaii;
member of Keauhou Bay Outrigger Canoe Club, the Big Island, Hawaii;
Puff Dragon Boat Team, Miami; Florida Tarpons Dragon Boat Team; 
Wun Fun Crew Mt Dora; Southern Heat Paddling Center;
Team USA , USDBF Dragon Boat Racing Team 2015.




true turquoise
camo-F, field
camo-F, field
camo-T, traditional military
camo-T, traditional military
camo-D, digital desert 
pure yellow
day glo
fluorescent lime green
neon green
evergreen forest green
National Teams




For only $12.00, every paddler needs one of these. This is the MD4 manual back massager that Doug invented for paddlers.

It works! and can save an athlete thousands of dollars a year when supplementing massage appointments with this handy, compact and very effective device. Keep it in your car, purse, office desk, suit case, backpack, pocket.

The durable material is high density polyethylene. The internal hardware is stainless steel. The suction cups will last for decades.

Place the MD4 on a smooth vertical surface with the suction cups against the wall mirror or tile, patio door, non-textured refrigerator, side of an automobile, smooth shower or spa wall or wherever the suction cups will stay put. This should be at a level that is in the general area needing deep tissue massage therapy.

Lean back against the MD4 profile with your feet forward to control your weight for slow pressure on muscles. It can treat anywhere that can be reached such as the entire back, shoulders all the way around to the anterior deltoids, even the glutes, lats, traps, teres, levator scapula, rotator cuff group, erector spinae along the sides of the spine, and the infamous rhomboids. The MD4 can even release the IT Band if you are an avid runner, tennis player or cyclist. Move slowly. Stay in soft tissue. This will relieve tense muscles, spasms and adhesions that build up from your long paddling practices.

The MD4 does not stand for medical doctor. It is an abbreviation for Masseur Douglas. He was a nationally certified massage therapist for twenty five years. The 4 identifies the creative sequence during the invention process. Massagetheback.com and Aquatherapeutics.com were the websites that first marketed the product. Now it is exclusively at DragonSaddle.com. Order 

several as gifts for your friends.


"Nalu: The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy" by Douglas Bedgood 
This large glossy hardbound book is for water exercise enthusiasts, paddlers, personal trainers and physical therapists. The 404 pages are loaded with photos, helpful graphics, science and entertaining stories. Here is a photo of Nalu with a few of the many images. Their are excellent chapters on Bone Density, Physics, Physiology, plus the etherial aspects of movement with and through water. $59.00


THE AQUATONER: This is full-body pool exercise equipment for isokinetic strength training, cardio work-outs, rehabilitation and cross training. Variable resistance area, hand held and attachable to the leg or foot. Incredibly versatile for any and all fitness abilities. The Aquatoner has been a significant contribution to aquatic physical therapy since 1982.
 Very limited supply remaining. Blue. One pair of 2 Aquatoners $160.00



DS2 is an absolute slip-proof KIT for converting the slip resistant Dragon Saddle in to a SLIP-PROOF seat cushion without clumsy straps or Velcro. This fool proof addition simply straddles the bench with a structural component inside the Dragon Saddle, stopping all front to back movement of the cushion. Not everyone needs this. It is only for those paddlers that use techniques with the most dynamic body mechanics involving hip and lower body movements that could move the the Dragon Saddle off the seat during dragon boat practice.

Four 1" slots are cut in the base of the Dragon Saddle, 1/2" from the ends and 1/4" from the stitching line, parallel to the stitch line. See the photos. Two ABS copolymer U-channels are placed threw the slots and bonded to the Dragon Saddle side panels with super glue. A small tube of super glue can be purchased at many stores. It is made by Eastman, Loctite, LePage, Permabond, Duro, Gorilla and others. We can not mail super glue. To uninstall, separate the bonds and pull out the U-channels from the base of the Dragon Saddle.  $12.00 per pair. 



Beginners are always welcome.

Many top competitive racing teams worldwide use the Dragon Saddles.

There are other creative uses for the Dragon Saddle, too, the perfect gift.

some of the inventory

Something soft to sit on while you watch the races; hey, who's in my chair?

This order is ready to go out the door.

Dragon Saddles waiting between races, just hanging out.
They slide over the paddle shafts or over your arm, hands-free when marshalling.

ABOVE Making Dragon Saddles at the shop in Key West, 2011

BELOW Making Dragon Saddles today at the shop in Orlando, 2015

Bespoke Stitchery

Here is a secret about paddling posture for women: Excessive anterior pelvic tilt leads to back pain and hip pain during paddling. To help mitigate this problem for the few that have it, remove one of the inserts and fold it in half, parallel  to the length, re-inserting it along the back side of the Dragon Saddle. This will lean your body forward just enough for more pelvic comfort during practice.

Sit on it once, yours forever!

OK, not everyone in the boat at practice today needed a butt pad.
Ironically, Kristin was the first paddler in the world to ever use a Dragon Saddle.

The incredible power of 20 in perfect synch, Puff Dragon Boat Racing Team, Miami, Florida. What is the steersman doing back there?

Puff sweeps all the gold at Disney Oct.2013. We know what they were sitting on......in the races...
and during the long practices where the most competitive races are really won, sitting in comfort
where there are no uncomfortable distractions to conditioning core power and the anaerobic threshold,
all contributing to one synchronized movement with efficient body mechanics and technique needed to prevail.

If you can paddle, no matter where you are in the water, after a race in the photo above
or in the enjoyable back country in the photo below, you are a winner.

Take a deep breath. Calm your mind. Prepare your posture. Feel at one with the water, with the boat, with the paddle,
with the crew. Look forward with absolute mental focus. Know how deep you must go and the power within.
Ready! Attention! Explode with control. 200 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters, 2000 meters. Perfect timing. 

Dragon boat teams have a strong social component. Here we are at Salinas, Puerto Rico, Doug with green cap.
Natalia Duke on top. This was back in 2010. Today, 10 of these 12 are on Team USA 2015.

The Chinese dragon boat traditional festivals are thousands of years old.

Dragon boat racing is the ultimate team sport.

Our '35 delivery truck, shipping your orders at FedEx.

What do YOU do between races?

Do you want to be a drummer?

Hundredths of a second... Why does it happen so often?

                          In 1948 Doug was looking for a paddle, an ocean, an island. Little did he know that OC6 in Hawaii was to be his beginning. Paddles Up! 

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