If you prefer Polymer Bench Clips, look at the SS-4 and SS-6 sprint saddles. All are fabricated here at the Florida Dragon Saddle shop. Know that the clips add some weight and cost. Doug created the clips at a time when the IDBF rules did not allow surrounding the bench all the way around with anything. They are still the most convenient bench fastening system today.

Neoprene in colors is getting rare in the supply chain as we now sell more in black. Some colors are still available.










2021 SS-4 Graphic grip top and Teflon, Super convenient polymer bench clips recessed into the bottom, More neoprene cushion. Full 15mm IDBF legal. Custom graphics.

Navigate at the top of the page.  "Product Information" shows DragonSaddles, Super Saddles and more.                 All products are created by Douglas Bedgood  between 1982 and 2021. Patents and patents pending. DRAGONSADDLE is a trademark owned by Dragon Saddle LLC


​Seat 3

2021 SS-6 Teflon, full aggressive grip on top, bench clips approved, rounded edge wrap, longer.

​2018 DS-W

With removable insert and quick release buckles.

2021 DS-W, longer, insert, bench clips approved.

​Purchase both models together for a nice discount.

2022 model DS-AG 10mm is only $20 and 15mm is only $25, an all-Purpose Dragon Saddle introduced in the 2017 product line and modified this year as the "Ukraine" Dragon Saddle. It is used for all techniques that use bench gravity instead of hip movement with Teflon. There is no Teflon on these. Spend less until you know what you need. This is soft enough cushioning to sit on because the neoprene is pure premium polychloroprene isomer for a 10mm or 15mm light racing saddle that is comfortable for practice and racing. Choose any of the 12 handle colors or the Ukraine Dragon Saddle in the photo.

The aggressive grip of the cushion can be adjusted with the control of gravity, more body weight on the bench means more grip and vice versa. The embossed pyramid grid design is flexible for lift-off or for anchoring with body weight.                        

If you just sit on these SS sprint saddles they will only be a placebo. Move, find it, make it real !!! It is a new world for dragon boat racing.

All products on this website are made in Florida, USA

​In 2019, the SS-L2 evolved from the SS-L. In 2021 we have the SS-L3, SS-3,4,5 and 6. The combination of grip and Teflon on top of this light saddle will definitely not slow you down. It is lightning fast. The design of the grip side is a pivot point for guiding a more natural flow of the body movement on the glide side that produces the most consistent power while the "anti-gravity" nature of the Teflon increases stroke length like magic.

​SS-9 is a lean race machine with  more cushion than the SS-8, 12mm total, only 8oz,

with a single off-set QR fastener under the Teflon for easier placement to buckle up. This mysterious relocation of the webbing also happens to reduce movement of this Dragon Saddle to near zero. ​$40

Both the SS-8 and SS-9 are for paddlers that do extensive air travel to championship events. 

​We are a benefactor to dragonboat clubs in Ukraine preparing to order two 10 paddler BUK boats for each existing and new club to safe areas that are reorganizing practices.

You can also see the story and help at




Dragon Saddle Model SS-6

​for sprint racing


​DS-AG 2022

Super Saddles, the SS models with Teflon glide on the gunnel side and grip on the pivot side, are for highly competitive short sprint racing, hand crafted and engineered for your reach, power and secure speed. Teflon PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material.​​

Your name, your team logo, the IDBF approval logo are located on the bench clips.

A few of the Windy City paddlers from Chicago at camp in Tampa 2018 with their Teflon and grip saddles plus polymer bench clips, the SS Dragon Saddles.





SS-7 is for practice only, with Teflon to maintain race technique. Similar to the SS-6 but maintains structural integrity for many, many practices it has added flexible tubing inside the leading edges of the Teflon. Bench clips included. The tubing for durability is not IDBF compliant for racing. Perfect for practice. $70 

​SS-L3 10mm

​uses QR fasteners,

Images on top.


super saddle

Race Day Sprint Saddles, practice Saddles

and more​ 

SS-5  is primarily for paddlers over 250 lbs interested in the Teflon sprint saddles or any obsessed paddler that is brave enough to use the most uncomfortable saddle in the product line and the one most likely to cross the finish line first in a short 500m sprint race. But it will probably hurt. This saddle is not recommended for most paddlers and definitely not recreational dragonboating.


The super aggressive thin rubber top grip is not foam. It is a solid tool for a big person with only 36 diamond pyramids per square inch (see photos) that will last forever and provide the ultimate lock-down surface to control the inertia from your body weight for a unified feel with the bench at the moment it is needed in your long Teflon stroke. Not approved by any dragon boat federation.

​The heavier you are, the more lubricious the Teflon is and requires more aggressive gripping to control inertia. Best to use the SS-6.


Available in black only, the SS-5 uses secure quick release bench fasteners with surrounding webbing in a variety of colors or convenient polymer bench clips, your choice. 14mm thick, large, 15" long, no graphics. Plain and Simple. $45

​SS-L3 and SS-4 with team logo

​SS-GG not IDBF approved due to thickness






2010 ​DS-S

Base grip                    


​​You can do more of a full body drive with less effort or do a lot more with more effort. Model SS-6 uses the extreme contrast of sprinting Teflon for increased swing to the front for more length next to a soft and stabilizing aggressive neoprene grip with secure  bench clips that are outside of the anatomical compression zone and padded to protect the boat bench. Model DS-W provides adjustable cushioning from 20mm to 15mm with the insert removed, bench clips and ultra practice comfort. Both are 33cm long and have a variety of carrying loop patterns.

With the Teflon on the gunnel side, "sprint saddle" SS-6 is for pivoting to Increase your vertical stroke length by up to 22% for some paddlers while maintaining velocity and power in the bow to stern direction. Swing and Pivot vs rotate, simple geometry with variables being hip width, shoulder width, arm length, spine length, leaning angle and flexibility. FYI: If the grip is on the gunnel side and the Teflon is used to lift the inside hip in a hurry, there is more upper body down-drive with the top hand but not the longer stroke length that most paddlers strive for to win.  You decide the technique that is best for you. Don't get left behind!

The Teflon after 500 hours of practices.

​ Bag for SS-8

​and SS-9

All neoprene for protection

to and from the race $8

This is how the DS-W, SS-6 and DS-AG saddles fit together between two paddlers:


SS-6 and DS-W

​IDBF Approved

SS-9, Our newest Sprint Saddle with Teflon and grip, no bench clips, weighs only 8oz, an elite minimalist at 12mm thick, has a single quick release fastener off-set under the Teflon, webbing in many colors, is secure on the bench and so easy to transport for international airline travel.

DS-W $50

​thick cushioning, 15mm + 5mm insert + bench clips. Remove the insert at races for compliance.

​See description top right.

Bench Clips


The Dragon Saddle model is a professional, Maria Malva Torterolo from Argentina and Mt Dora, Florida

​2019 ​SS-GG

​bottom view with QR fasteners




​Seat 8


Top grip

​SS-5 super aggressive

​top grip


IDBF Approved

Send in your digital pdf club logo to dragonsaddle@gmail.com and we will produce the saddle imaging for team orders.

Bottom grip neoprene and QR bench fastener


​If you have ever been on Team USA in the World Dragonboat Championships or hope to be, this Super Saddle is made for you.​​

         Freedom on the outside and anchor on the inside.

 ​This is race day equipment engineered for your team to celebrate winning. During your first use, you can maintain a vertical paddle blade through a much longer distance under full power and high velocity. Here are the details:

 You can do more!  You will contribute more to the team effort.  Feels magical but be physically ready. Stay in control. It is all you.  This is the newest equipment engineering in dragon boat racing for paddlers to discover the balance and timing between the sliding freedom of movement and using a grip effectively. Anchor the paddle blade in the water and push the boat forward with controlled power through a longer and faster vertical stroke. The contrast of Super Saddle quality "Smart" Teflon PTFE with the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material feels like a slippery liquid on the gunnel side next to a clear EVA gripping surface that is not too grippy, just enough to maximize dynamic paddling efficiency. Reach with the entire body, reducing shoulder syndromes and injuries. Rapidly scoot far forward over the Teflon on the water side with a straight horizontal outside arm, driving down with the inside arm and entire upper body for deep entry into the water. Look forward to see the pacing group seats 1-3 with perfect timing. Use your quads for a major push from a solid footing. 

The hull, the water, you, the team as one machine, the paddles, the motivation, the breathing, the thrust, the front boat wake are all one rhythm. Partial levitation forward you feel an escape for a moment from gravity. Reach out for deep blade dive, FULL-BODY DRIVE, and pivot using the extremes of glide and grip surfaces. The grip side is the pivot point, not the vertebral column. The glide side is for the stroke length. There is a timely initiation of a high velocity return-reflex using your core muscle complex. The outside hip slides to the position of optimal reach, then exploding with abs, double leg drive and your ENTIRE MUSCLE MASS.

Using your newfound ability to maintain maximum isokinetic leverage against the non-compressible water with intense focus against the vertical paddle blade through a longer stroke length, experience  whole synchronism with the team. The inside grip is a solid point for stability during the contracting stroke and a lift-off point during the out-stretched, open reach. Keep air passages open by not looking down. The energy pathways of glycolysis transitioning to the mitochondria are hard at work. In a sprint race the pathway will begin 95% anaerobic in the first 10-15 seconds. By only 2 minutes it will become 50% aerobic and climbing from there. Cardio!!!

Taking advantage of DuPont Teflon, polytetrafluoroethylene, the glide side lets you know if you are using too much gravity on the reaching side of the bench by increasing surface temperature. The sprint saddles are made for serious paddlers to experience their ultimate racing ability, not the ultra-cush comfort of the original Dragon Saddle DS-S when you were learning the sport. Custom team or personal color combinations are available and so is "Property of" labeling. Polymer clips recessed on the bottom of the SS-4 are super convenient. The QR bench fastening system on the SS-L3 is a fast snap and tight pull around the bench. Buckle up at launch, pass the finish line, an effortless quick side release off the bench and you are back on shore. There is a large selection of incredible graphics on this home page for embedding under the clear grip material. Your team logo vinyl graphic or high res digital image is acceptable and encouraged at no added cost for us to produce the imaging for your saddles. There are extensive bench fastening webbing color choices and carrying loop colors.

For the SS-L3 and SS-L4 to last at least for a few seasons of racing, practice with the SS-GG, DS-S or DS-C and take special care during transportation and handling to protect the Teflon on these valuable saddles from impact, abrasion, dirt, folding, bending, sun duration and solar heat on the grip portion on the top side. No washing machines. No throwing. Keep your saddles off the ground. Your sliding glutes and sit bones are going to leave your butt print on the Teflon. 


​Seat 10

​Quick Release bench fasteners surround the bench.

SS-8 It works, the least expensive Teflon model for sprinting. One central QR fastener is attached occasionally needed but not always, the same magical Teflon as the most expensive Dragon Saddles and that famous soft neoprene grip next to it, light and thin at 8mm, just enough cushion to be closer to the water, thin enough for easy transportation in luggage. This gem is only $33 

2019 ​SS-GG

with QR bench fasteners

​Dragonboats for Ukraine

Donate at  http://dragonboats-for-ukraine.org

The site includes the mission. It is linked to BetterWorld.org.

​These and more are waiting for your "Property of" name or email address in case it gets lost,  or a digital file for us to produce

vinyl team logos to embed under the clear grip.

Base grip



Dragon Saddle LLC, since 2010, has a product line of high performance dragon boat racing seat cushions, training and coaching products.

Team discounts and occasional clearance pricing are available.  To order the DragonSaddle or any product on this site,  contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com with your  proposed order, quantity for discount consideration, questions,  and your shipping address for a shipping quote. The ordering page has a list of worldwide distributors as well. Doug invented all of the DragonSaddle products and makes them himself. To order, email Doug, dragonsaddle@gmail.com.

DS-S since 2010, The Classic,

Ultra Comfort , 2 removable inserts

The Original DragonSaddle

Included only for the SS-L3, SS-3 and SS-L4, you can customize and choose all your colors for the webbing, carrying loop, background colors for the graphics under the clear grip side with one of these  vinyl images included in the price. 

Teams can supply their own digital logo or images for us to produce the vinyl graphics embedding under the transparent grip. 

You can also have your  "property of " name added at no cost. 

A perfect gift !


DS-AG (all soft grip)

10mm $20

​15mm $25


SS-4​ 15mm

​uses bench clips,

Images on top.

Classic Dragon Saddle DS-S after 11 years of continuous use by a premier paddler, replaced after the last race at the 2021 US Nationals.


​Dragon Saddle Model DS-W

​for long practices 

​The Polimer Bench Clips are Padded to protect the boat bench.

​The Dragon Saddle Family

​with bench clips

These Dragon Saddles are not big, bulky, clunky, inferior foam seat pads just to sit on that deteriorate and wear out quickly. They are not sloppy velcro that doesn't last either.  Dragon Saddles are about the science of specific paddling technique purposes engineered into each design.  Dragon Saddles are the pioneers in dragonboat seat cushions. Be your best. Choose the DragonSaddle brand made in Florida.

All products on this website are proprietary to Dragon Saddle LLC and made in Florida. Ordering or questions, email Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com.

​2021 SS-L3

Teflon and grip.

Graphic imaging under EVA clear grip top, ​light sprint saddle, only 1/2lb, for fast and short races. Quick Release bench fasteners. The bottom is shark grip neoprene as of 8/7/21.

You choose  the colors and the graphics. ​Scroll down. There is a herd of dragons down there and something for everyone.

​Seat 5

Cortar profundamente en el agua. Llegar lejos para un golpe de remo vertical largo.

diamond plate silver mirror vinyl behind a vectorized graphic

​Seat 1

Choose one of the many images below that you want on your 2021 model SS-L3, SS-3, SS-4,  embedded under the new clear grip side or provide your own vinyl transfer or a digital image of your high res team logo for us to vectorize or produce the imaging to size.



Ordering? email Doug, dragonsaddle@gmail.com 

See prices at order page. Select your carrying loop pattern, send your address for a shipping quote. 

​The new 2021 Sprint Saddles in production.



Choose your carrying loop webbing from these 9 new 1.5" wide patterns  or select from the frollowing 1" wide solid colors: red, black, royal blue, navy, hot pink, burgundy, light blue, golden yellow, purple, neon green, lavender or the following three 1" prints:


Custom  embroidered national team DragonSaddles were displayed and marketed at the 2015 IDBF World Championships in Welland, Ontario by Dragon Saddle LLC, Walton Sports and Hornet Watersports.


2019 SS-L

dbl sided VelCro, Light, neoprene grip and Teflon top. 

Created for the 2019 World Championships in ThaiIand.  

​Limited quantity



Not only for beginners but for any paddler



​ Teflon magic

The Dragon Saddle SS-6 simply and modestly offers the best seat for the highly competitive world championships, for athletically intense and aggressive racing or sprinting drills. A premier paddler and even a new paddler can use this saddle with no comfort issues and still excel at their paddling stroke more than they ever did in their lifetime. The other new product, the 2022 DS-W with bench clips, is the ultimate comfort for long practice sessions. Use both.

The SS-6  Dragon Saddle uses the IDBF maximum thickness,15mm of ultra cushion 100% pure chloroprene isomer, the premier neoprene foam product. The thickness includes handmade, padded bench clips to protect the boat, quickly and easily fastening the saddle to or unclip from the bench. The magic is in the Teflon side on top, contrasting with the grip side of the top. Teflon has the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material.  The bench clips are 1 1/2"  15cm wide placed within the thickness dimensions at the outer ends of the saddle, out of the compression zone. The overall length of the SS-6 is 13 1/2" 33cm, 1" 2.54cm longer than the Classic Dragon Saddle DS-S or the SS-L3, SS-3, SS-4. The overall width is 6" 15cm wide. There is a longer carrying loop to easily fit over the paddle palm or T-top grips. The neoprene grip wraps around the saddle with soft, round edges for even more paddling comfort and stability. 

All the neoprene is slip resistant sharkskin anti-slip. More than half the length of the top is the PTFE magical pure Teflon that provides the water-side glide. Find out how to use it below. This is about winning.

​Your team logo or personal imaging, IDBF logo, model number and the paddlers name are located on the outside of the bench clips.

These Dragon Saddle models are the top of the product line for sprinting success and for practice comfort. The  DS-W is  discounted from $60 to $50 and model SS-6 is discounted from $70 to $60 when both are purchased together saving $20, SS-6 and DS-W in one order shipped together.

​Are you wondering what happens in the body during that fractional second of "recovery" in the stroke when the volume and quality of nerve impulses prepares for more action? Physiological recovery by the paddling athlete is the subject where your liver supplies glucose originating from glycogenolysis, glycogenesis, lactate generating lactic acid from pyruvate and anaerobic energy production in cell cytoplasm, pyruvic acid supply to the energy producing mitochondria that seek stored fatty acids and amino acids to cycle through the energy production demanded during paddling, anaerobic  and aerobic energy production that work together, crossing paths in their adaptations to the demands of competitive sport paddling races.

SS-3,  SS-L3 and SS-4

The best saddles for competition racing are the SS-3, SS-L3, SS-4 and SS-6 because they are engineered as specialized sprint saddles and you can do more.  The sprint saddles  include a new top grip half surface and an amazing assortment of graphics, yours, ours, or your team logo - see below. The SS-L3 is light, 10mm with QR bench fastening. The SS-3 is 15mm in thickness wit QR fasteners. The SS-4 is 5mm thicker, 15mm, and uses recessed polymer clips for super convenience.  The best Saddles for practice are the 2018 SS-GG Super Saddle, the 2010 classic DS-S Dragon Saddle, or DS-C. The best Dragon Saddle for beginners and also for all long practices is the original classic Dragon Saddle because the ride feels so good. The least comfortable of the SS models is the SS-L3 and the most comfortable sprint saddle is the SS-6 seen at the top of this page.

The  quick side release bench fasteners will fit around the benches of BUK, Champion and most dragon boats. For Kahlua dragon boats, seats 3 and 8 will need to have the SS-4 with subsurface polymer bench clips on those saddles as team equipment. The clips fit on any seat. These saddles are intended for race-day short 200m-500m sprinting where BUK and Champion boats are commonly used.

The SS sprint saddles (except for SS-6) contain an improved top half grip material for longevity and just enough to do the job, not over aggressive, clear Poly EVA that is 2mm less in height than the neoprene grip in the other Super Saddles. National Team patriotic graphics, your team logo or one of the 25 graphic images below, can be seen through the grip material. The overall weight for the SS-L3 has been reduced for sprint races to only 1/2 lb, 225g by shortening the length making it equal in length to the original Dragon Saddle only much lighter and by changing grip material. The SS-4 is a little heavier because it has polymer clips for ultra convenience and an added layer of neoprene for comfort. Our other SS models are longer (SS-GG is 15" long and over one pound, 500g with clips). The SS-L3 bench fastening system is Quick Release. The SS-4 has recessed polymer clips and more cushion. The Canadian model is black with a large Canadian flag. The Team USA model is navy blue with a brilliant waving flag and white USA lettering. Send your team logo for a discounted team order.

There is Direct Sales for Sprint Saddles and Super Saddles, both direct and Retail Distributors for classic Dragon Saddles.

See the price list and contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com to place an order or for any questions.