The Dragon Saddle​ 


Custom  embroidered national team Dragon Saddles are sold out. They were prominently displayed and marketed at the 2015 IDBF World Championships in Welland, Ontario.

​The annual January Dragon Saddle Sale is on. Inquire at

                       If you are contacting us from Australia, New Zealand or Southeast Asia, purchase your Dragon Saddles from

                           our only authorized Dragon Saddle Dealer in Australia, John Parker email:

This site includes the real thing, the original Dragon Saddle. I know because I am Doug Bedgood the inventor and owner of the company, Dragon Saddle LLC located in Florida USA since 2010. The Dragon Saddle product line prices range from USD $4 to $65 and up for coaching and training products.

Team discounts and clearance pricing are available on some Dragon Saddle colors.  To order the Dragon Saddle or any product on this site,  contact Doug at with your  proposed order, questions and your shipping address for a shipping quote. The new Super Saddle models are  for  the most experienced competitive paddlers. 

See the 2017 SUPER SADDLE    in Product Information.

                                                           MADE FOR ELITE RACING

                                    All products at are original inventions by Douglas Bedgood created between 1982 and 2017. Patents and patents pending.