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Race Day Sprint Saddles, practice Saddles

for Dragon Boats

Removing one of the Dragon Saddle-S inserts could be required if seat pads are officially inspected by formal race management in some high level IDBF events; most paddlers keep it full thickness at practice because the removable inserts adjust the comfort. 


See info on this elite racing saddle on the Home page. Light and fast.

SS-L3  for the US Club Crew Championships and the 2022 World's. All info is on the home page.

Quick release buckles are black or white.

We have​10 webbing color choices for the quick release buckles and carrying loops: black, red, white, royal blue, navy blue, lime green, purple, yellow, orange, beige, grey, pink.

In addition to these standard webbing colors, carrying loops can also be in leopard or in purple/turquoise.

​Members of Charlotte Harbor Paddlers 2019

The Super Saddle is not performance enhancement. It does NOT do the work for you. The Super Saddle does not restrict you from doing  much more work yourself.

DS Foot Pad and DS Hip Pad are at the bottom of this page.

See all prices at the ORDERING page.

The head racing official has the final word on race day regarding equipment, regardless of compliance with IDBF Regulations. Always have extra accessories that will satisfy the officials that might have concerns about any equipment you are using.



The economical Cushion Model G, for recreational novices, has a grip surface all the way around. No bench fasteners.

DS Foot Pad $8. If you can't reach the foot rest bar on the hull to use your legs properly during the stroke, this foot pad will help solve the problem. 8" x 5" x 2". You can shape it to fit. Premium high density ethylene vinyl acetate EVA foam. The closed-cell structure will not absorb water. The 2019 foot blocks are charcoal black.


Ride the dragon in total comfort during long practices on a DragonSaddle model S including two inserts for cushioning adjustment. On a very tight budget? Try DragonSaddle model G . After several seasons, depending on the cleanliness of your boat benches, your body weight and how you move, the bottom gip can eventually wear or possibly slip. Order your Dragon Saddle with one of the four optional bench fastening systems for absolute secure seating.


If you are obsessed with speed, going beyond your apparent potential, to really move farther, longer, faster, and use more powerful leg drive, consider upgrading to the  SUPER SADDLE .

You have a choice of two bench fastening systems.  There are two different  surfaces on top for an anchoring grip on one side and a super PTFE glide on the gunnel side of the top.   The closed-cell neoprene in the Super Saddle-GG is a little over 15mm and is possible to be rejected by some strict IDBF race officials. There are no inserts. Glide like a bullet and catch a longer distance of power leverage, compliments of your pelvis.  Super Saddle-L is 5mm less than the IDBF legal maximum thickness for IDBF racing competition and was used by many Team USA paddlers in the 2019 World Championships.  


Since 2010 the Dragon Saddle has been the top selling dragon boat paddling sport product because of the adjustable soft cushioning for short sprints or long practices,  used by many dragon boat racing teams worldwide. 

My name is Doug Bedgood and I own Dragon Saddle LLC. The company is located in Florida, USA with production in Orlando and Eustis. Shipping is from Grand Island, Florida.

There are many color and print choices for the DragonSaddles and Super Saddles-GG.  Questions or to place an order? Contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com about shipping quotes or any discounts for your team and send your address.

Scroll down  to see the IDBF Regulations regarding seat cushions. 

Permitting the use of the Super Saddle could require copying these latest IDBF Regulations to show race management.





DragonSaddle-C hybrids are just DragonSaddles with your choice of one of four bench fastening systems to absolutely keep it in place so you are not distracted.  They provide comfort and durability expected in a DS-S with the addition of the convenient Super Saddle looped handle.  With the cushy chloroprene isomer, you can float if you want to.  Also, we can convert your old Dragon Saddle to a hybrid if it is slipping from years of wear. Ship to us us to make the conversion. 

​SS-L and SS-GG

DS Hip Pad $12. Pain on the outside of your hip against the gunnel wall is usually from pressure on the TFL trigger point. See illustration. It then radiates down the ITB. This hip pad is 100% Chloroprene 6" x 6" x 3/4" thick with a textured grip surface on both sides and a name plate. Place it between your hip and the gunnel or inside your shorts against your hip.

SS-L   Super Saddle-Light is the 10mm version. Don't be a baby. You can handle it. For ultra-strict racing rule compliance, SS-Light L, L-2, L-3 are advisable. At 3mm under the maximum thickness, you are a little closer to the water, includes two double sided and embedded velcro fasteners, grip and Teflon, all black, the Velcro is the carrying loop, nothing fancy. Functions exactly like the SS-GG. 15cmx33cm, 280g, only 9oz and only $45 complete. Ten or more at $39.60 each USD for a nice team discount. The SS-L3 is only 8oz, 1/2 lb, 6"x12".

SS-GG is the 15mm version plus a 2mm grip patch on top and grip strip on the bottom and the external polymer clips on the ends. Due to thickness being over the maximum allowed, the SS-GG is not compliant with IDBF rules of racing.  6"x15", 15cmx38cm, 454g, 16oz, 

$50 plus $16 for the polymer clips or additional for other optional fasteners.

*Use the SS-L, L-2, L-3, L-4 and SS-6 models at IDBF races

​Practice with the Super Saddle before racing. Get the feel of the freedom. The glide surface will soon reflect your slick butt print. You might not want to loan it to others.

The X-Ray of the hips and pelvis on the right shows the relationship between the points of compression and the Super Saddle. The points of compression are the two Ischial Tuberosities that are at the lower border of the Ischium. The distance between those points on the average adult female is 5"m (11.8 cm) and adult male is 3 1/2" (8.5 cm).

The distance between the Bench Claw  platforms on the bottom of the Super Saddle is 12.25" (31.1 cm). The Bench Claw base platforms are 7/16"  in thickness and well outside the points of compression from body weight. The overall length of the Super Saddle is 13.25" (33.7 cm) and the neoprene thickness is 15mm.

​    Super SaddleS

OC6 Outrigger Saddle, 12"x16"x22mm neoprene, full grip texture both sides, carrying loop, rounded front. $47

​Quick Release Buckles

The Dragon Saddle has much more than minimal padding. This is the ultimate cushion for comfort with an adjustable thickness. The DragonSaddle meets IDBF racing specs by sliding out one of the two neoprene inserts. Some paddlers remove both inserts for the sprint races. Using both inserts will adjust the cushion upward for the demands of the most challenging, long practices and 2K races. 

  • Multiple layers of the highest quality wet suit neoprene; * 100% chloroprene inserts, base, and most tops;
  • Slip resistant base. Not absolutely slip proof.  See the hybrid saddle, the choices of  fastening systems (all but the cinches for the DS),  or Super Saddle to guarantee your butt pad stays put.
  • Many colors and patterns. See list.
  • Conforms to IDBF Rules of Racing when one of the two inserts is removed.
  • The removable core inserts adjust the comfort and thickness;
  • Popular among racing teams in Canada, USA, Australia, and many more; 
  • An essential accessory;
  • Perfect cushioning for long, challenging practices; This is where races are ultimately won. Practice hard.
  • Manufactured in Florida, USA, by Dragon Saddle LLC;
  • A great way to sit in comfort at stadium events;
  • Has an interesting origin. See History.
  • The recommended UV protection color saving product for all your outdoor gear is in the CARE section. This will maintain a bright color for many years of outdoor exposure. If you don't use UV protection, some Dragon Saddle colors will begin to fade in the sun but the product will maintain it's performance for years. 

DragonSaddle-W.  This wraps around a removable insert. Has a bottom grip, 20mm soft,  all neoprene total with insert. 15mm with insert removed. Includes a pair of very secure Quick release fasteners. Choose your color combination. 


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the dragonsaddle


The DragonSaddle-S has two removable inserts  included between the base and the top. All parts are 100% pure premium closed-cell polychloroprene Isomer.

All SS models were discontinued in 2023 except the new model SS-11 for 2024 and beyond.

​​​​​You can do more on a Super Saddle. Here is how it works:

First, be in top physical paddling flexibility, strength and conditioning to get the most out of this. To the front your gunnel side quickly moves on the glide surface. No movements are inhibited. The legs prepare for deep action from the deep catch, almost airborne off the seat for a moment to get out there on that gunnel side, power-drive from the grip using abs and legs with your leverage through a longer, geometrically, mechanically efficient and effective gold stroke against a more vertical paddle blade as you pivot on the inside grip for a longer thrust .

Know that you are free to move farther in any direction with increased dynamic speed. Control your body with precision. Try the glide on the gunnel side, time the entrance, catch and exit precisely with the pacers and other paddlers, a no-brainer for competitive paddling athletes.

You will experience a surprise, a longer stroke length under full aggressive power while adapting your body to a more vertical paddle angle and increased leg thrust. The grip side is absolutely required for stability during an incredible fast return and maintenance of posture. All the abs, glutes and quads really get involved. You are not just sitting on the bench. Discover these things. Feel the perfect rhythm within yourself and with the team. The boat responds instantly. 

 the dragonsaddle and the super saddle

The view from under the bench

Choose the bench fasteners that you want. 

POLYMER CLIPS 1.5" wide (2), expensive, simple to use, on the bench or off in a second. Nothing to do under the bench.

​Padded to protect the bench.


​​QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES WITH WEBBING 1" wide (2), Snap the buckle and pull the webbing. It will outlast you. 8 webbing colors. Inexpensive. Takes a moment to connect but easier than you think, off in an instant. 

Some of the Windy City paddlers from Chicago at the 2019 Team USA camp in Florida, using Super Saddles since May 2018.