Sprint Kayak Saddles are All Teflon on top, a grip base, bungee loops, light weight. Originally used for Olympic training, Sydney 2000. For extreme competition. Teflon has been successfully used on part of the saddle top

by Team USA Dragon Boat since 2017.

​OC6 with or without a removable insert, Teflon under the compressive sit bones

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Photo of Lee Cerovac

Lee does a lot of coaching and steering, both at the same time.  He mentioned to Doug that when he is out on the Mississippi River  walking through the boat doing one-on-one coaching with the new paddlers, the boat just meanders around because there is nobody at the helm. He asked Doug if there was something he could make to help keep the boat moving in more of a straight line while he is doing the one-on-one protocols with one or more people still paddling. 

The conception of the Cerovac Oar Bracket was manifested in to a viable product for the dragon boating sport. The clamp on the gunwale is Erwin's top of the line. It is embedded in to a bracket hand carved out of oak. The oar handle rests into a form-fit seat at the top of the bracket. The oar is secured to the bracket with a thick bungie cord to a stainless steel eye bolt. It is all within easy reach of the steersman for securing or unsecuring the oar.



This is a big glossy book for Water Exercise Enthusiasts and Paddlers
"Nalu: The Art and Science of Aquatic Fitness, Bodywork and Therapy" by Douglas Bedgood. This large glossy hardbound book is loaded with photos, helpful graphics, science and entertaining stories. Here is a photo of Nalu with a few of the many images. Their are excellent chapters on Bone Density, Physics, Physiology, plus the etherial aspects of movement with and through water and much more. This book is loaded with research references. $59.00

​The advantages of Teflon are magic and many. The pure virgin PTFE Teflon film is thick. 0.05mm. This racing saddle weighs less than a pound. 14oz or 397g.



Here are the saddles for OC1- OC6 Spec and OC6 Unlimited, Sprint   Kayak,  Marathon Kayak, Slalom Kayak 

  Dragon Boat Outboard Transom

Pat Bradley of Canadian fame as a world class dragon boat coach, while coaching and organizing training camps in the US for PanAm, talked with Doug about an upcoming steering clinic he was offering. Pat wanted to be able to teach steering to one or two people with no other paddlers needed to propel the boat at full race speeds. Doug designed and constructed two transoms to mount and test a 6hp outboard motor at the stern end of the boat, controlled  by the instructor. Doug made two transoms, one for a short shaft motor and one for a long shaft. It was concluded that long shaft outboard motors are  more appropriate for a dragon boat. The transom is designed for a long shaft motor.

The wood is hard southern yellow pine with UV absorbing Topside Marine Boat Paint.

For steering clinics, extend the motor arm for emergency steering control and to adjust acelleration while standing or sitting in front of the student.

The transom is designed for BUK boats or any dragon boat with the steering arm on top of the deck, not flush with the deck. The arm of the transom extends all the way to the oar "U" bolt. Stainless steel or aluminum heavy duty ratchet tie downs tighten the transom arm to the steering arm on the port side. Webbing from one of the tie downs is run under the hull, looped around a triangle on the transom that protects the hull. The webbing returns back under the hull to the steering arm where it is secured. The motor is mounted on the starboard side. All contact with the dragon boat is protected with outdoor carpet strips that are bonded to the transom in all areas that are in contact with the dragon boat. The transom can support up to a 9.9hp motor, though a moter of that size has much more power than is needed.



 Cerovac Oar BRacket

For only $12.00, every paddler needs one of these. This is the MD4 manual back massager that Doug invented for paddlers.

It works! and can save an athlete thousands of dollars a year when supplementing massage appointments with this handy, compact and very effective device. Keep it in your car, purse, office desk, suit case, backpack, pocket.

The durable material is high density polyethylene. The internal hardware is stainless steel. The suction cups will last for decades. 

Place the MD4 on a smooth vertical surface with the suction cups against the wall mirror or tile, patio door, non-textured refrigerator, side of an automobile, smooth shower or spa wall or wherever the suction cups will stay put. This should be at a level that is in the general area needing deep tissue massage therapy.

Lean back against the MD4 profile with your feet forward to control your weight for slow pressure on muscles. It can 

One of the pair of included ratchet tie downs.

                                                                            treat anywhere that can be reached such as the entire back, shoulders all the way around to the anterior deltoids, even the glutes, lats, traps, teres, levator scapula, rotator cuff group, erector spinae along the sides of the spine, and the infamous rhomboids. The MD4 can even release the IT Band if you are an avid runner, tennis player or cyclist. Move slowly. Stay in soft tissue. This will relieve tense muscles, spasms and adhesions that build up from your long paddling practices.

The MD4 does not stand for medical doctor. It is an abbreviation for Masseur Douglas. He was a nationally certified massage therapist for twenty five years. The 4 identifies the creative sequence during the invention process. Massagetheback.com and Aquatherapeutics.com were the websites that first marketed the product. Now it is exclusively at DragonSaddle.com. Order several as gifts for your friends.


super saddle

Race Day Sprint Saddles, practice Saddles

for Dragon Boats


The Aquatoner,  Nalu Book,  MD4 back massager for paddlers, Cerovac Oar Bracket, Dragon Boat Outboard transom, OUTRIGGER OC6 SEAT CUSHION, Canoe and Kayak Saddles (scroll down to the end).

 These products plus the DragonSaddle and the Super Saddle are  invented, authored, copyrighted, trademarked, some patented and all made by Doug Bedgood.

Scroll all the way down for OC1-6, K1-4 sprint, marathon and slalom kayak saddles.


This is full-body pool exercise equipment for isokinetic strength training, cardio work-outs, rehabilitation and cross training. Variable resistance area, hand held and attachable to

the leg or foot. Incredibly versatile for any and all fitness abilities. The Aquatoner has been a significant contribution to aquatic physical therapy since 1982. Great for full body strength and conditioning and increasing range of motion in the comfort of the shallow end of the pool. Spread out the measurable paddles to increase resistance and document progress. Limited supply. Blue. One pair of 2 Aquatoners $160.00 Includes triple paddles, handles, foot/leg attachments, instructions.

Rubber oar block for steering arm

The bottom is shark textured closed-cell polychloroprene neoprene grip.

Slalom Kayak Saddles are all grip, top and bottom.

Bungee loops are at the rear handle and front center.

1/2" thick rubber with drainage grooves on the bottom to prevent water damage to the steering arm wood. These are

hard to find. Doug makes them.

​For all contoured canoe and kayak seating are these very comfortable, long distance or any distance saddles with internal, removable inserts.

Outrigger Canoe, Marathon Canoe, Recreational Canoe WITH removable insert to adjust comfort.