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Examples of OC6 Saddles


Small bucket seat pads for sprint kayak, surfskis.

6.5mm closed-cell chloroprene, grip bottom, nylon top fabric, very light wt 28g


Base grip and secure "huli" fastener. 

OC6 Saddle

Club Price $84

 Discounted from $111

Please email your inquiry to dragonsaddle@gmail.com


Removable insert, extremely soft cushioning for long distance.

OC-6 Saddles with 1.5" wide Huli strap, extra thick soft-grip top without insert. Closed-cell chloroprene 28mm full thickness. The Huli strap under the OC6 saddle can hold a clip-on dry bag, snack bag, bottle holder. $111, discounted to $84 for a full crew purchase.

"Noho Hoe" OC6 paddling seat pad in the Kia Aloha pattern.

"Noho Ho'okele" OC6 steering seat pad

​"Noho Ho'okele" is for OC6 Hawaiian outrigger canoe steering use in seat 6. The simple, robust Huli strap around the flat canoe seat prevents loss in the ocean during a huli. The strap can secure loose items too.

The top cushion has a gripping texture that feels very secure, dependable and strong, in harmony with the gentleness of pure polychloroprene closed-cell foam to sink into like floating on a cloud that does not move. This 14mm thick oval is bonded in place on a 14mm thick platform of the same foam covered in polyester canvas with an outstanding aquatic pattern, "Kia Aloha", Sea of Love. The base platform fills the seat space to maintain the fixed central position of the top. 

The purpose of this design, contour and the physical characteristics  is not only for extreme long distance comfort but also to significantly assist lateral body leverage when it is needed during steering.

​Use the absolute best products for your favorite sport and stay safe always. DB

There are many custom sizes, patterns, fabrics, colors, coefficients of friction, neoprene thicknesses, Teflon placements, added neoprene inserts, canoe and kayak adaptations to choose from for K1-4 Sprint, Marathon, Slalom, Outrigger Canoe OC6 Spec, OC6 Unlimited, Va'a V1,V3,V6, Expedition Canoe and more.

The retail prices before club discounts range from $61-$111 USD

To Inquire, please email Doug@CanoeandKayaksaddles.com

or dragonsaddle@gmail.com

All products are hand made in Florida USA.