2009 ​DS-S

The first Dragon Saddle

Dragon Boat Racing Saddles

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​        10


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​       30


​           32-2"









​           41


3-D Diamonds

added to one side of any design /color

​              45


​              47-2"




​           51-1.5"


​               53

​               54










​              64

NEW for 2024 Dragon Saddle SS-11

Extra wide Velcro closure, a pull tab for removal, unique platform dynamics, with or without a glide side on half the top, fabric options, the ultimate closed-cell chloroprene.


Doug with Valerii Morgun, President of the Ukrainian 

Dragon Boat Federation


Ukraine National Team,

Doug started paddling OC6 in Hawaii in 1980

2021 SS-6 

​2018 DS-W

With removable insert and bench clips that are padded to protect the boat.

​2021 SS-9

With or without a racing glide surface on half the top for efficient movement, speed, and longer stroke distance with vertical leverage. Gunnel side or inside placement is influenced by seat location, stroke rate, race distance, body weight, coaching and more. Technique versatility is significant.

Dragon Saddle Model SS-11 with the added insert and no Teflon is all about ultimate comfort for long practices.

​2023 SS-10

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​SS-11 2024

Direct Contact​ ​Ordering: email Doug, dragonsaddle@gmail.com 

 The Dubai Diggers, one of the top teams in the world.

and more

The original DS-S and the new SS-11 are in production. All other models have been improved and updated to the SS-11 model


                                            Contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com to place an order or for any questions.




​with bench clips


This is the Classic, the first and Original Dragon Saddle, all neoprene with two removable inserts and a grippy neoprene base against the bench. The top has laminated nylon fabric.15-25mm adjustable thickness for racing compliance or practice comfort. It has been popular since 2010. USD $54 before team discounts.

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super saddle

Race Day Sprint Saddles, practice Saddles

for Dragon Boats


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Marc, Team USA Coach,

at the Dragon Saddle Factory

Dragon Saddle model SS-11



All products on this website are proprietary to Dragon Saddle LLC and made in Florida. Ordering or questions, email Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com.

​Chris Moreau,



Bateau Dragon

Using the rare qualities of your SS-11, you experience a thrilling opportunity to discover how much more you can do.

OC6 Outrigger Canoe Saddles

The glide surface, pure and thick PTFE, is a polymer of carbon and fluorene. Super Saddles, the SS models for Competitive Racing with the glide on pårt of the top side are hand crafted and engineered for your efficiency and a higher potential. The surface has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid synthetic material. Try one on our test bench at the races.​​

The top platform of the saddle has a semi-flexible bench overhang for really getting out front for the pulling power in front seats or a longer rear pushing power and leg drive for the back seats.

Dragon Saddles at the 2022 Club Crew World Championships in Sarasota, The European Nations Championships at Banyoles, Spain and EDBF Euro Cup Championships in Dubai.

These are examples. See the numbered webbing choices below and choose your color and pattern combination. Email Doug for more options. dragonsaddle@gmail.com

​Dragon Saddles are used in world championship dragon boat racing. This site shows the science, materials, art and cost.

SS-11 is here after fourteen years. This is the #1 Dragon Saddle for racing. It works! Here is simply why: The wider glide platform bends perfectly, just enough to get a deeper leg drive and much more power while preventing over-reach. Optimal Paddle Angle Is Maintained longer and farther. Rotation or pivot are faster and farther too. Try Teflon inside for 200m and outside for 500m and 2K races or determine the best position of the Saddle under varying conditions at practice.  

Nathan Benderson Park had two artists create this sand sculpture..

Fifteen years of Dragon Saddle Product History

SS-L3 and SS-4 with team logo 2020


2018 ​SS-GG

with QR bench fasteners

DS-S, The Original Dragon Saddle since 2009, is still very popular. It is " The Classic " dragon boat seat cushion known for adjustable comfort with 2 removable 100% chloroprene inserts.  It was made for Kristen Stickels of Puff DBC at Oleta River in Florida, the first paddler to use one. Canada has been a large market for Dragon Saddles since the start.

Mike Thomas,

IDBF President


SS-11 Bottom side and handle examples

​Are you wondering what happens in the body during that fractional second of "recovery" in the paddling stroke when the volume and quality of nerve impulses prepares for competitive action? Physiological recovery by the paddling athlete: The liver supplies glucose originating from glycogenolysis, glycogenesis, lactate generating lactic acid from pyruvate and anaerobic energy production in cell cytoplasm, pyruvic acid supply to the energy producing mitochondria that seek stored fatty acids and amino acids to cycle through the energy production demanded during paddling, anaerobic  and aerobic energy production that work together, crossing paths in their adaptations to the demands of competitive paddling sport athletes.

Carry and keep it safe

on your paddle.

​The Ukraine Club
Lakhidnyi Viter on the podium

SS-11 is like an open door, allowing the athlete to pass through on the way to a higher, unrestricted performace level.

If you just sit on these SS sprint saddles they will only be a placebo. Move, find it, discover the magic !


​Team USA Dragon Saddles for 2025 are available now.

Elegant In Simplicity, Profound In Results

Remove one or two inserts for IDBF race compliance.



A perfect gift !

Some of the Windy City paddlers from Chicago at camp in Tampa 2018 with their glide and grip saddles plus polymer bench clips, the SS Dragon Saddles. They became one of the first top level racing teams where most of the paddlers used Doug's Gliding Dragon Saddles.

4" 10cm wide OneWrap VelCro with a pull tab

Doug at ENC in Spain with Mike Haslam, founder of the IDBF, meeting about the dragon boats for clubs in Ukraine.

Discover the magic! The glide side has zero friction from a 0.5mm 100% fluoropolymer film over the Dragon Saddle pure chloroprene. Dragon Saddles are IDBF approved.

​South Breeze

We have Sea Turtles for Dragon Saddle SS-11. See the collection below.

IDBF World Championships at Tampa, FL 2011

Dragon Saddles in Dubai

​SS-11 with the 6.5mm, removable, pure chloroprene insert

 IDBF approved 


2019 SS-L

dbl sided VelCro, Light, neoprene grip and gliding top created for the 2019 World Championships in ThaiIand.  

Dragon Saddle model DS-S 

The SS-11 feels more complete than any other seat pad in the world.. It is for all paddling abilities, 20cm 8" wide x 40cm 16" long with a SEMI-FLEXIBLE overhang for front edge efficiency, extremely secure to the bench with 10cm 4" wide VelCro hook /loop, low profile hook and a pullf tab for instant use. High durability, light high-end materials. Choose 10mm or 15mm thickness, with the magical glide or not. Either choice: SS-11 $76 with glide or $66 without, before big team discounts.

Dragon Saddles are not big, bulky, clunky, inferior foam seat pads just to sit on that deteriorate and wear out quickly. They are not sloppy velcro that doesn't last either.  Dragon Saddles are about the science of specific paddling technique purposes engineered into each design.  Dragon Saddles are the pioneers in dragonboat seat cushions. Be your best. Choose the DragonSaddle brand made in Florida.

 This is race day equipment engineered for your team to celebrate winning. During your first use, you can maintain a vertical paddle blade through a much longer distance under full power and high velocity. Here are the details:

 You can do more! You will contribute more to the team effort. Feels magical but be physically ready. Stay in control. It is all you. This is the newest equipment engineering in dragon boat racing for paddlers to discover thebalance and timing between the sliding freedom of movement and using a grip effectively. Anchor the paddle blade in the water and push the boat forward with controlled power through a longer and faster vertical stroke. The contrast of Super Saddle quality "Smart" PTFE with the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material feels like a slippery liquid on the gunnel side next to a soft but aggressive grip or a medium grip surface neoprene material with just enough to maximize dynamic paddling efficiency. Reach with the entire body, reducing shoulder syndromes and injuries. Rapidly scoot far forward over the glide surface on the water side with a straight horizontal outside arm, driving down with the inside arm and entire upper body for deep entry into the water. Look forward to see the pacing group seats 1-3 with perfect timing. Use your quads for a major push from a solid footing.

The hull, the water, you, the team as one machine, the paddles, the motivation, the breathing, the thrust, the front boat wake are all one rhythm. Partial levitation forward you feel an escape for a moment from gravity. Reach out for deep blade dive, FULL-BODY DRIVE, and pivot using the extremes of glide and grip surfaces. The grip side is the pivot point, not the vertebral column. The glide side is for the stroke length. There is a timely initiation of a high velocity return-reflex using your core muscle complex. The outside hip slides to the position of optimal reach, then exploding with abs, double leg drive and your ENTIRE MUSCLE MASS.

Using your newfound ability to maintain maximum isokinetic leverage against the non-compressible water with intense focus against the vertical paddle blade through a longer stroke length, experience whole synchronism with the team. The inside grip is a solid point for stability during the contracting stroke and a lift-off point during the out-stretched, open reach. Keep air passages open by not looking down. The energy pathways of glycolysis transitioning to the mitochondria are hard at work. In a sprint race, the pathway will begin 95% anaerobic in the first 10-15 seconds. By only 2 minutes it will become 50% aerobic and climbing from there. Cardio!!

Take advantage of polytetrafluoroethylene. The sprint saddles are made for serious paddlers to experience their ultimate racing ability.

Take special care during transportation and handling to protect the Teflon on these valuable saddles from impact, abrasion, dirt, folding, bending, sun duration and solar heat on the grip portion on the top side. No washing machines. Not throwing. Keep your saddles off the ground. Your sliding glutes and sit bones are going to leave your butt print on the Teflon to enhance the glide.

Custom  embroidered national team DragonSaddles were displayed and marketed at the 2015 IDBF World Championships in Welland, Ontario by Dragon Saddle LLC, Walton Sports and Hornet Watersports.

If you have ever been on a National team in the World Dragonboat Championships or hope to be,                                                  The Super Saddle SS-11 is made for you.​​

All products on this website are created

and hand-crafted in

Central Florida, USA​​

These are specialty dragon boat racing and practice seat pads with team discounts and volume pricing.

​DS-AG 2017

The non-friction glide side initiates a faster return, an easier rotational pivot, a deeper leg drive,  maximum isokinetic, core and FULL-BODY contractile power. The magic is a longer vertical stroke length within the pace.



Dragon Saddle LLC, since 2010, has a product line of high performance dragon boat racing seat cushions, training and coaching products.

Team discounts and occasional clearance pricing are available.  To order the DragonSaddle or any product on this site,  contact Doug at dragonsaddle@gmail.com with your  proposed order, quantity for discount consideration, questions,  and your shipping address for a shipping quote. The ordering page has a list of worldwide distributors as well. Doug invented all of the DragonSaddle products and makes them himself. To order, email Doug, dragonsaddle@gmail.com.