I still see Dragon Saddles that have been used for a paddler's every practice and race since 2010. The will naturally fade from the sun but will remain just as functional as day one. I did see one that had the top fabric delaminating from the neoprene. It still performed and felt the same after seven years. Just so you know, The Super Saddles are not rugged. They will certainly wear out after a couple of seasons. They live up to their name during intense racing even if they do have a limited lifespan.

The Dragon Saddle is easy to carry, but keep it loose, not tight over the blade. That's Doug in the photo still racing premier when he was 70 with a broken foot. How old is he now? I knew you would ask.

Protect all your water sports gear from UV sun fading. 
Keep it clean, protected and bright. Fold the sides in during storage. 

Occasionally you will need to remove the inserts to clean and air dry to prevent mildew. You can use cleaners such as mild soap and water, Resolve, Oxy carpet and upholstery spray cleaner or UV Tech that is specially formulated for watersports gear. Also wash the bottom and rinse well. Clean the boat benches too. This will help maintain slip resistance.
The neoprene is non-absorbing. Years of direct sunlight exposure will cause some fabric color fading. 
So please store it out of the sun as much as possible. Avoid dirty boat seats, sand, accumulation of ocean salt, abrasive conditions, damage. No washing machines or dryers please, or any unusual folding that will cause unwanted creases.
Store with side flaps neatly folded under if you have not upgraded with the DS2 Slip Proof Kit (view in "Other Products") and keep the entire cushion in a flat position during storage. 
It should last years unless you get tired of the color and want to eventually order a new Dragon Saddle in a different color or print.

Treat the Teflon carefully on the Super Saddle. It can become damaged. Protect it during transportation and how it is handled. It is expensive .

TO PREVENT FADING from the sun and protect watersports gear from UV rays, look for UV Tech spray by McNett Essentials on Amazon.com, REI.com, KayakProShop.com and others. It is the best protection. Protect your investment in the best fitness and sports equipment. If you don't need an entire bottle, we can spray your new Dragon Saddle with UV Tech for  $0.45.


The Dragon Saddle

 the super saddle and more​ 

​PROTECT THE TEFLON ON THE SUPER SADDLE MODEL GG DURING STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION. It can become permanently creased or marrred if abused . This thickness of pure Teflon is expensive. Take care of it. If your boat has a ledger rail holding up the ends of the seats on the gunnel wall, be sure to keep the bench claws on your Super Saddle inside of that rail so that the clips can surround the bench. If not, damage to the bench claw can occur. If you are able to slide the SS-GG on the bench all the way against the gunnel, that is a good way to keep the end from getting chewed up from your movements. Like I said at the top, the Super Saddles have a limited lifespan and will need replacing after a season or two to maintain top performance. The top grip material is raw neoprene. It can get worn through if you are constantly dragging yourself across it. It is best to get your weight up off the bench during most of the stroke. Carefully inspect your Super Saddle to see if there is any damage that indicates a need to modify your technique just enough to put more weight and muscle on the paddle blade instead of on the seat. There cannot be a warrantee for the Super Saddle neoprene, only for bench claw breakage during normal paddling use.

Gravity is not your friend in a dragon boat race.